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Integrated Test Lead (Yokohama, Japan) - Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • July 2020 - Present
  • Supporting Japan Marine United Corporation for activation of Maya Class Destroyers - DDG-179 JS Maya and DDG-180 JS Haguro
  • Leading test procedure development and execution for Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Baseline 7 Aegis Programs

DevSecOps Engineer [Virtualization & Test] - Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • January 2020 - July 2020
  • Responsible for System Virtualization efforts utilizing technologies such as VMWare vSphere and Redhawk Linux
  • Pioneered system solution development, integration, test, and deployment of virtualized weapon system
  • Led integration efforts for a virtualized Aegis Weapon System with AN/SPY-6 Radar
  • Led Multi-Element Integration & Test efforts for CPETA and Valiant Shield 2020
  • Designed an Automated System Test Pipeline within DevSecOps Digital Transformation IRAD

Systems Engineer [ASW/Helo Integration] - Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • December 2018 - July 2020
  • Responsible for ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) design, integration, and test with MH-60R Helicopter and Vehicle Control Domain within multiple system baselines
  • Developed integrated automation scripts within NAVAIR SAIL HeloSim
  • Performed data analysis within VCD/MH-60R, SH-60K, AN/SQQ-89, and Aegis elements

Systems Integration & Test Engineer, Scrum Master - Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • September 2017 - July 2020
  • Responsible for high level test planning and test execution of complex systems for the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Missile Defense Agency and International customers.
  • SME for Ship Undersea Warfare Combat System (SQQ89) installation, configuration, integration and operation
  • Led execution test and integration events for MH-60R Helicopters/Vehicle Control Domain, Undersea Warefare, and Cybersecurity
  • Managed scrum master activities for cross product team integration & test for a team of 20+ engineering personnel
  • Utilized Model-Based Systems Engineering practices to plan, implement, and report on SI&T activities.
  • Performed system-level integration of software and hardware components to verify system requirements in a lab and end-user environment.
  • Performed data analysis to evaluate, document, troubleshoot, and correct system/subsystem anomalies found during scenario testing.
  • Developed requirement verification test procedures and test reports as required by the supporting program.
  • Supported the program technical leadership and functional management on cost, schedule and technical performance.
  • Worked closely with Government customer and customer representatives in all of the above tasks.
  • Mentored new hires, co-ops/interns and current Navy sailors in a collaborative environment

Software Developer [Web Applications] - Cubist Media Group

  • September 2015 - March 2016
  • Developed web applications & eLearning courses with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, SharePoint, & SPServices
  • Created information architecture and wireframes of web applications for external clients such as GlaxoSmithKline
  • Developed SharePoint technical solutions for development, branding redesign, and administration

Software Developer [Enterprise Architecture] - National Board of Medical Examiners

  • September 2014 - March 2015
  • Developed Configuration Management Database System to retrieve/query data from multiple sources
  • Coded programs and scripts to create & maintain database objects, reconcile data, and report differences
  • Developed state transition and other models for persisted objects & analyzing data sets to report structures

IT Project Manager - Cigna Healthcare

  • September 2013 - March 2014
  • Led Project Management & Requirements Gathering for Redesign of HR Globalization for Intranet Site
  • Facilitated and conducted System, User Acceptance, and Regression testing while managing project status for issues
  • Developed SharePoint community site creation; security provisioning; and production support


  • Programming: Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Python, VHDL, C/C++, MSSQL, Java, Shell, Lego NXT
  • Applications: MATLAB, Git, SVN, Jira, Bootstrap, WordPress, MSSQL Server, Xilinx Vivado, PSpice, PSoc Creator, XMind, ERStudio Data Architect, Microsoft Project & SharePoint Development; AutoCAD, Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Lightroom; Sony Vegas Pro
  • IT Knowledge: Agile & Waterfall Methodologies; Project Management; Enterprise Architecture; ETL Framework


Eye Tracking Report using Tobii Pro Lab

  • This project was meant to analyze video recordings from participants observing tobacco ads. In particular, an eye tracking software was used to evaluate their attention measures for advertisements with and without flora. This study identified how eco-friendly marketing features in tobacco ads impact attendance to the message, cognitive and affective response, product risk perception, attitude, and use intentions in young adults. The primary outcomes focused on neural signals within the cerebral cortex, but for this report we are concerned with the eye fixations, and fixation time between eco-friendly regions of tobacco ads and non-eco-friendly regions of the ad. Evaluation of an in-class pilot data of eye tracking was the focus for this exploratory study. This was completed for Johns Hopkins “Engineering and Measuring Influence” course.

Brain Study using fNIRS and RStudio

  • This project was meant to study how the brain processes information. Furthermore, how the brain responds to different advertisements using neural data analysis techniques with NIRX NIRSport fNIRS. 24 subjects in Amman, Jordan were recruited for this experiment to view video advertisements intended to reduce sectarianism throughout the Middle East. Activity in the neural biomarkers located in the prefrontal cortex were correlated with self-reported response to key behavioral questions to evaluate the effectiveness of the videos for reducing sectarianism among targeted population. This was completed for Johns Hopkins “Engineering and Measuring Influence” course. Key activities in this project included:
  • Key Activities: NIRSLab neural data analysis, Manipulation and statistical inference using R

Conceptual Systems Design for Hurricane Disaster Relief Recovery System

  • The team designed a Hurricane Disaster Relief Recovery System, “Eye of the Storm” focusing on hurricanes in Miami (within FEMA Region IV). This was completed for Johns Hopkins “Systems Conceptual Design” course. Key activities within this project included:
  • Key Activities: Overall System Description, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), CONOPS Use Case Development, System Operational Requirements, Capability Development, Key Performance Parameters (KPPs), Functional Block Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Physical Architecture Development, Traceability Matrixes, System Trade Studies, Risk Assessment and Calculations

Nautilus Proposal (UAV Solicitation for Proposal)

  • The team developed a proposal to SPAWAR to cover the work for the UAV (underwater autonomous vehicle) solicitation primarily for surveillance and reconnaissance with limited manipulative abilities consistent with the abilities of dolphins, primarily limited to attaching recovery lines to objects. This was completed for Johns Hopkins “Management of Systems Projects” course. Management artifacts discussed in full detail included the following:
  • Key Activities: Statement of Work (SOW), Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Top Level Specification, Critical Path Method (CPM) Network, Schedule, Cost Estimate

Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) for Short Range Vehicle Sharing System

  • The team developed a SEMP for a Short Range Vehicle Sharing System (SRVSS) as an effort to develop, test and pilot the SRVSS. This was completed for Johns Hopkins “Introduction to Systems Engineering” course. A SEMP is a top-level plan that describes all relevant aspects related to the management and the process invoked to accomplish the plan.
  • Key Activities: Program Technical Requirements, Engineering & Resource Management, Technical Activities & Products

Senior Design Project - Informed Finance Canary

  • Developing an open source automated financial advisor that will utilize financial articles and parse data to analyze potential stock trends in order to compile risk analysis of a user’s stock portfolio. This combines the ability to associate and weight external factors to create a tailored financial analysis. Analysis of data will be performed through certain machine learning algorithms that can output stock recommendations. Data visualization will alow for the user to self-assess his/her portfolio on up-to-date market trends.

International Consulting Residency


  • Developing marketing research & monetization strategies for a globally-utilized application for sharing and paying expenses
  • Brainstorming and developing partnerships in the United States

DragonHacks 2017 Best Informatic Plugin

  • Developed a Java plugin for FlowJo to analyze flow cytometry data to attempt statistical analyses and visualized outputs via web graphics libraries for virtual reality systems using Three.JS and D3.JS

Vaccine R/F Off-Grid Energy System


  • Designed an Off-Grid Energy System for a DC powered refrigerator/freezer used for medical vaccine storage at a site outside the interior city of Abuja, Nigeria using HOMER Pro Software and Power Engineering research

Philly Codefest Dean’s Innovation Winner - Life Sign


  • Role: Team Leader, Web Developer, Algorithms
  • In 24 hours, we developed a Wi-Fi detection monitoring system that attains information from Wi-Fi enabled devices within a defined threshold. The data was recorded passively via a monitoring USB interface to capture mobile probing

Single Cycle MIPS Processor


  • Role: Team Leader & Engineer
  • Developed a complete VHDL description of the MIPS-32 CPU and simulated it by executing a set of programs to demonstrate correct functionality of the processor.
  • Simulated, debugged, and tested VHDL code using ModelSim

Let’s Go Fishing! - Pokemon Fishing Game

Let's Go Fishing

  • Role: Team Leader & Engineer
  • We created a Pokemon based fishing game using a MATLAB GUI as the platform. This was interfaced with an accelerometer that used the arduino as a microcontroller. We were able to successfully implement features such as a Pokemon like loading screen, reeling and casting a fishing rod using the accelerometer and simulating the action and results within MATLAB.

Cigna Train YOU Application

  • Role: Team Leader, Engineer, Designer
  • Within my first co-op at CIGNA, I led the TECDP co-ops to create a “proof-of-concept” application called Train YOU as our final project. This consisted of an iOS/Android based application that would encourage Cigna insured users to become healthier and help with the “GO YOU” initiative.

Bio-sensing Devices for Medical Applications

Arduino Watch

  • Role: Team Leader, Researcher, Developer
  • Worked with a team to use bio-sensing and bio-feedback response systems to simulated biomedical signals important in medical applications, develop a wristband that detects hypoglycemia through measurement of heart rate and detection of excess sweating.

Autonomous Waste Robot

Autonomous Waste Robot

  • Role: Everything. Solo Project
  • Responsible for building and programming an autonomous waste disposal robot using Lego NXT. This was a very exciting challenge for me since I was able to have experience with Lego NXT in High School. I was introduced to sensor operation, algorithm design and robotics through hands-on-design and course-wide challenge in a decision-making environment. As an objective, I was able to design and build a robot able to autonomously separate trash and nuclear waste, delivering the trash to an incinerator and the nuclear waste to a depot for safe disposal.


Johns Hopkins University (Class of 2022)

  • Master of Science in Engineering
  • Major: Systems Engineering
  • Concentration: Human Systems

Drexel University (Class of 2017)

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Major: Computer Engineering
  • Minors: Engineering Management, Business Administration
  • 5 year, 3 co-op

Bloomfield High School (Class of 2012)

  • STEM & Architecture Focused


  • Lambda Chi Alpha (EKZ): Secretary, Inner Circle Council Steward, Executive Board Member At Large, IFC Delegate
  • Drexel Indian Student Association: Student Advisor, VP of Finance, Technology Chairman, Cultural Chairman
  • Drexel Interfraternity Council: VP of Scholarship, Expansion Commitee
  • Drexel TechServ: Computer Technician
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