About Me

Education & Career

I’m currently attending Drexel University on track to receive my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (Class of 2017). At Drexel, I’ve been involved within multiple co-operative education opportunities such as working as an IT Project Manager at Cigna, Software Developer within Enterprise Architecture at NBME, and now a Software Developer for Web Applications at Cubist Media Group. Within this 5 year program, I’ve realized my passion lies within Software, User Experience, and Project Management.


On the side, I’m an active fitness fanatic. I’ve been training for 2 years on a solid program and am currently trying a powerlifting program that will bring my 3 combined numbers for 1000+ pounds at 148 lb bodyweight.


Also, I’m a fashion noobie. I’ve increased my confidence by giving a damn how I look. This is something I’m just starting with! :)

Contact me

23anandpatel23@gmail.com or anand.patel@drexel.edu